How to choose a Walking cane

How to choose a Walking cane

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A lot of walking canes are available in the market, but the problem is in choosing a walking cane that suits you the Best. This article will guide you to choose the best walking cane for you.

Basically a walking cane is used to assist in Body balance. You will need a Walking cane if one side of your body is weak, or if you have some Body balancing problems. Mostly, Old people tend to use Walking canes as they are unable to balance their body with 2 legs due to their advanced age. For them, the Walking cane acts as a Third leg which alters the Biomechanics and gives them good balance, relieves pain in the joints and maintains good Body Stability.

A variety of walking canes are available in the market. The 3 Basic types of walking canes are

Standard Walking cane – It measures about 86 to 107 Cm in length. It is made of metal or Wood and has a round handle.

Straight Handled Walking cane – It is made of metal, wood or plastic. The handle of this type of Walking cane is T- Shaped; hence, it is popularly called as the T Handle Cane.

Broad Based Walking cane – It has 3 to 4 small legs at the bottom which provides a broad base. It weighs less and gives a good support.

There are lots of other Walking canes available in the market like Adjustable Canes, Folding Canes, and Seat Canes etc.

When choosing a Walking cane, the First step is to consult with your Doctor on how much balance you need. If you need a lot of balance, you can choose Broad based Cane as it provides you with more stability. If you only need a little support, you can choose the Straight Canes.

After knowing the type of Cane you need, you need to find a dealer who sells the Walking canes. Your Doctor might advice you of some dealers. If you want some more options you can feel free to visit some speciality shops that sell fashion products, or you can always browse the Web to find a Website that offers you with a wide variety of canes to choose from.

You can also choose the canes depending on their features:

Foldable Walking canes – It easily fits into your bag.

Folding Seat Walking canes – It has a seat in which you can sit at times when you are overly fatigued.

Lighted Walking cane – It has a light to guide you in the dark.

Next step is to select the size of your Walking cane. When you are standing upright, holding your Walking cane with your shoes on, the handle of the Walking cane should be of same height as your wrist joint. This measure will be roughly half of your height.

While selecting the Walking cane, give priority for Wooden handled Canes with proper grip. The metal handled canes will slip off your hand if it is wet and when the weather is cool, the metal handle of the Walking cane will be too cold to touch.