About Healthy-Mommy

About Healthy-Mommy

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Healthy-Mommy.com is an organization run by moms, just like you. Our team works every day, researching and working toward providing you with a comprehensive and valuable resource to help you along the journey of parenthood.

We believe that the ideas of "Health" and "Happiness" should be synonymous - and that far too many people actually disconnect the two. People make themselves miserable trying to be "healthy," or lose sight of their health in order to be "happy".

Why can''t you be both? We believe that a healthy, happy mother is the foundation for a healthy, happy family.

We believe in balance, stability, community, and exploration. We believe as parents that many look at parenthood as a task or a project, rather than a journey and an adventure. Every minute with your children is to be savored, and we are here to help you live life to the fullest - as a mom, and as a woman.

We believe in quality over quantity. Each page on this site is carefully tested and formulated, and although we add new content every day, we strive to avoid being a site that bombards you loads of semi-helpful information.

Our mission is to bring balance, happiness, health, and inspiration to your journey in Mommyhood!

Our vision is to redefine what the words health, balance, motherhood mean to Moms everywhere. Being a Healthy Mommy is not about dieting, stress, or trying to fit a certain mold of what "motherhood" should involve. It is about loving and living a joyful, exciting, and fulfilling life with your family.

We are not doctors, we are moms. Any information on this site is purely our suggestions and experience. We advise seeking your pediatrician and doctor for medical advice.

We hope you find our site helpful - we work every day to bring you new tips, tricks, recipes, and inspirations on Mommyhood!