delivery system - delivery drug health system systems

delivery system - delivery drug health system systems

presbyterian.upmc.comUPMC Presbyterian, UPMC University of Pittsburgh Medical...televox.comTeleVox - Doctor Patient Communication Telephone Appointment...www.a-dec.comA-dec: A Dental Equipment Companywww.absorption.comAbsorption Systemswww.baxteripump.comThe Ipump Pain Management System from Baxter Anesthesia...www.bellin.orgBellin Health Serviceswww.biosantepharma.comBioSante Pharmaceuticalswww.biozonelabs.comBioZone Laboratories, Inc.www.breathingdisorders.comBDS - Breathing Disorders Serviceswww.bullberrysystems.comBullBerry Systemswww.coriumgroup.comCorium - Drug Delivery Systemswww.docusys.netDocuSys Homewww.engledental.comEngle Dental Systems : Manufacturer of Quality Dental Equipmentwww.fertin.comFertin Pharmawww.gasdelivery.comGas Delivery Systems, Inc.www.generramedical.comGenerra Medical, Inc.www.georgetownhealthcare.orgGeorgetown Healthcare System - The Way Healthcare Was Meant to System Solutions, LLC - Serviceswww.hospice-atlanta.orgVisiting Nurse/Hospice Atlanta - Visiting Nurse/Hospice Atlanta Homewww.idx.comIDX Systems Corporation Homepage.www.imd-inc.comThe NEW Gertie Marx Spinal Anesthesia Needlewww.jintanworld.comMorishita Jintan''s seamless encapsulation technology offers...www.lha.orgLancaster General Hospital - Lancaster General Hospitalwww.lifecore.comLifecore Biomedical Dental Implant Systems, Regeneration...www.macromed.comMacroMed Inc. - DRUG DELIVERY AND FORMULATIONS COMPANYwww.mcgllc.comThe Moore Consulting Group, LLC - Experts in Healthcare...www.mdpeel.comeMed Incorporated - The Skin Management Company - SilkPeel,...www.meaghanjared.comMeaghan Jared Partners - Health Care Management Consulting...www.mpti.comMPT Delivery Systems Inc.www.orsoftware.comHealth Care Software Hospital Software Health Care Information...www.osfstfrancis.orgOSF St. Francis Hospital - Escanaba, Michigan - Homewww.physician-strategies.comHealthcare Consulting-Medical Practice Management-Physician...www.rdsusa.comthe Respiratory Delivery Systems, Inc.www.sbhcs.comSaint Barnabas Health Care Systemwww.spectranetics.comSpectraneticswww.strategicsolutionsmgmt.comStrategic Solutions Management Consultants, Inc.www.united-hospice.comUnited Hospice and United Home Care in Georgiawww.upmc.comUPMC University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USAwww.iomed.comIOMEDwww.durect.comDURECT: Analyst Luncheonwww.datascope.comPatient Monitoring - Anestar Anesthesia Delivery Systemwww.penw.comDrug Delivery Technologies - TIMERx - Penwest Pharmaceutical Co.www.utahmed.comVacuum Delivery syringes, dry drug reconstitution, nasal drug...www.technology4healthcare.comTechnology4Healthcare (T4H) Mainwww.nastech.comNastech: Improving pharmaceutical drug products through...mcpartners.netMCPartners Inc.

UPMC Presbyterian, UPMC University of Pittsburgh Medical...presbyterian.upmc.comUniversity of Pittsburgh Medical Center, which is affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences, is the leading integrated health care delivery system in western Pennsylvania. It meets comprehensive health care needs through UPMC hospitals the region''s largest and finest network of tertiary, specialty, and community hospitals and by offering a variety of health-related services and products.

TeleVox - Doctor Patient Communication Telephone Appointment...televox.comTeleVox Software, Inc. - makers of HouseCalls Appointment Reminder System, LabCalls Test Results delivery system, InVox Patient Information and Paging System, and Vox On Hold, healthcare telephony voice products for Doctor to Patient communications.

A-dec: A Dental Equipment Companywww.a-dec.comA-dec is a dental equipment manufacturing company which supplies dental equipment such as dental chairs, dental stools, delivery systems and dental handpieces into more than 100 countries.

Absorption Systemswww.absorption.comAbsorption Systems is a contract research organization that specializes in absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) assessment of new chemical entities and of existing drug compounds incorporated into drug delivery vehicles.

The Ipump Pain Management System from Baxter Anesthesia...www.baxteripump.comThe Ipump Pain Management System from Baxter Anesthesia & Critical Care Business Unit offers innovative technology for IV, epidural or subcutaneous delivery of pain medications.

Bellin Health Serviceswww.bellin.orgBellin Health is a unique integrated healthcare delivery system consisting of primary care clinics, hospital services and mental health care that puts you - the people we serve - first.

BioSante Pharmaceuticalswww.biosantepharma.comBioSante is an emerging pharmaceutical company developing a robust product pipeline of hormone replacement products to treat hormone deficiencies in men and women. BioSante also is developing its nanoparticulate-based platform technology (CAP) for novel vaccines, vaccine adjuvants and drug delivery systems.

BioZone Laboratories, Inc.www.biozonelabs.comFull service custom GMP contract manufacturing and filling of private label products for skin care, body, nutraceuticals, personal care & OTC drug products. Patented ingredients/cosmetic and drug delivery systems.

BDS - Breathing Disorders Serviceswww.breathingdisorders.comBreathing Disorders Services, Inc. is a specialized provider offering Sleep Disordered Breathing Rehabilitation through a successful delivery system, driven by their Relationship First service policy. As a company focused on treating patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Breathing Disorders Services, Inc. has achieved an 89% compliance rate with patients utilizing nasal CPAP therapy, well above the national average of 45-50%.

BullBerry Systemswww.bullberrysystems.comBullBerry Systems, Inc. (BBSI) is a company focused on the delivery of spatial (location-based) solutions meeting the demanding needs of emergency and crisis management personnel. As a provider of innovative computer software, needs assessment and implementation services, GIS data building and conversion, training services, and 24/7 support - BBSI is committed to bringing advanced and sustainable solutions to a growing community of clients.

Corium - Drug Delivery Systemswww.coriumgroup.comCorium develops, engineers and manufactures drug delivery products and devices that utilize the skin and mucosa as a means of transport.

DocuSys Homewww.docusys.netDocuSys designs and markets an intravenous drug monitor, unit-dose cradles, and an Anesthesia Perioperative Information Management System. The system utilizes barcoding and digital imaging to digitize drug delivery data in real time to prevent adverse drug events.

Engle Dental Systems : Manufacturer of Quality Dental Equipmentwww.engledental.comEngle Dental Systems provides practical and affordable solutions for your environment. We have been a manufacturer of quality dental equipment for 36 years. Our product line includes dental chairs (Sequoia dental chair), dental control units (AS-1 delivery system, AS-2 delivery system, EURO delivery system), dental lights (Engle dental light, Sequoia dental light), and stools.

Fertin Pharmawww.fertin.comFertin Pharma is a world leader in the development and manufacture of chewing gum drug delivery systems

Gas Delivery Systems, Inc. High purity fluid distribution systemswww.gasdelivery.comGDS specializes in orbital welding and cleanroom fabrication of ultra high purity fluid systems for the Microelectronics, and Optoelectronics industries.

Generra Medical, Inc.www.generramedical.comPatient vital sign monitors, hand held patient monitors, pulse oximeters, central station vital sign monitors, anesthesia monitoring systems, anesthesia delivery systems, ventilaotrs, transport incubator, pediatric surgery table

Georgetown Healthcare System - The Way Healthcare Was Meant to Bewww.georgetownhealthcare.orgCommunity Hospital and Healthcare in Georgetown Texas. The way healthcare was meant to be. Services include cancer treatment, rehabilitation, home health, cardiac, diagnostic imaging, inpatient, outpatient, labor and delivery, woman''s health, emergency department, lab, community services develops innovative drug delivery systems based on carbohydrates. Formulations can be customised for rapid, delayed or sustained release and taste masking of pharmaceuticals and nutrients.

Strategic System Solutions, LLC - System Solutions addresses the strategic and cost-effective application of information technology in the healthcare industry. Since 1994 we have been helping our clients improve efficiency in the administrative systems that support the delivery of healthcare, and improve the quality, availability, and usability of information to providers, payors, managers, researchers and other healthcare industry decision-makers.

Visiting Nurse/Hospice Atlanta - Visiting Nurse/Hospice Atlanta Homewww.hospice-atlanta.orgNursing, Hospice VNHS; home; visiting; nurse; health; system; nursing; hospice; non-profit; care; Atlanta; therapy; rehabilitation; infusion; compassionate; service; clinician; quality; medical; patient; doctor; illness; injury; comfort; elderly; children; adult; outcome; independence; teaching; delivery; cost-effective

IDX Systems Corporation Homepage.www.idx.comIDX Systems Corporation Homepage. IDX, now part of GE Healthcare, is a leading provider of software, services and technologies for healthcare provider organizations. IDX offers a broad range of complementary, functionally rich, and highly integrated healthcare solutions that function across patient care settings and organizational models. Our customers span the full continuum of care and include leading hospitals, group practices, academic medical centers and integrated delivery networks (IDNs).

The NEW Gertie Marx Spinal Anesthesia Needlewww.imd-inc.comThe Gertie Marx Spinal Anesthesia Needle provides anesthesiologists an improved delivery system for regional anesthesia.

Morishita Jintan''s seamless encapsulation technology offers...www.jintanworld.comMorishita Jintan''s seamless encapsulation technology offers various type of delivery systems including liquid-encapsulation,micro-capsule.

Lancaster General Hospital - Lancaster General Hospitalwww.lha.orgA comprehensive healthcare delivery system with an earned reputation for excellence, compassion, quality and cost effectiveness. Located in Lancaster PA

Lifecore Biomedical Dental Implant Systems, Regeneration...www.lifecore.comLifecore Biomedical is a leading manufacturer of dental implants used in tooth replacement therapy. Learn about Lifecore dental implant systems, as well as tissue regeneration products, and hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid). Lifecore Biomedical develops, manufactures, and markets implantable biomaterials and medical and surgical devices for applications in the fields of dentistry, general surgery, ophthalmology, drug delivery, veterinary, and wound care management

MacroMed Inc. - DRUG DELIVERY AND FORMULATIONS COMPANYwww.macromed.comMacroMed specializes in polymer drug delivery and formulation systems designed to deliver sensitive macromolecules such as proteins and insoluble drugs.

The Moore Consulting Group, LLC - Experts in Healthcare...www.mcgllc.comprovides a wide range of services exclusively for the healthcare industry that: accelerate cash flow, reduce costs, improve productivity, maximize efficiency through technology, and enhance compliance to some of the nations most prominent integrated delivery systems, hospitals, and physician practice groups.

eMed Incorporated - The Skin Management Company - SilkPeel,...www.mdpeel.comeMed Incorporated is a leader in the skin management industry, emed, Incorporated is devoted to providing creative innovations with cutting edge technology to the medical and aesthetic professions. We now offer SilkPeel Dermalinfusion, Microdermabrasion, MDPEEL Premium, PROPeel E Series, and pre owned systems. We carry a range of medical skin care products.

Meaghan Jared Partners - Health Care Management Consulting...www.meaghanjared.comMeaghan Jared Partners, Inc. is an independent healthcare management consulting firm providing comprehensive, specialized services (strategic/business planning, organizational design and governance assessment, financial analysis, information systems selection and installation, operational analysis and implementation support as well as patient access and physician productivity assessment and compensation planning) to a broad spectrum of health care clients nationally. Our distinguished client base includes some of the most prestigious organizations in the nation, including integrated healthcare delivery systems, academic medical centers, faculty physician practice plans, single and large multispecialty physician group practices as well as tertiary care and community hospitals.

MPT Delivery Systems Inc.www.mpti.compharmachem, avoca, american ingredients, mpt, h. reisman

Health Care Software Hospital Software Health Care Information...www.orsoftware.comSurgical Information Systems improves the quality, organization, delivery and outcomes of surgery through health care information technology. Our health care software can help you enhance patient care while improving your business operations.

OSF St. Francis Hospital - Escanaba, Michigan - Homewww.osfstfrancis.orgOSF St. Francis Hospital, located in Escanaba, Michigan, is a fully integrated health care delivery system with hospital-based, home-based and physician services.

Healthcare Consulting-Medical Practice Management-Physician...www.physician-strategies.comPhysician Strategies Healthcare Consultants is a St Louis, Missouri based health care management consulting firm dedicated to aligning strategic and business interests of physicians with hospitals, health systems, integrated delivery systems and healthcare business ventures, and providing expertise in medical practice management. Serves St Louis and the midwest ...

the Respiratory Delivery Systems, Inc.www.rdsusa.comRespiratory delivery systems, Inc. (RDS), makers of products that work with asthma ihnaler devices, including MicroSpacer and MicroChamber

Saint Barnabas Health Care Systemwww.sbhcs.comNew Jersey''s largest and most diversified integrated health care delivery system including ten hospitals, nine nursing homes, five ambulatory care facilities, three geriatric centers, one free-standing inpatient psychiatric facility and a statewide behavioral health network.

Spectraneticswww.spectranetics.comSpectranetics develops, manufactures and markets a proprietary excimer laser system, the CVX-300, and proprietary disposable fiberoptic delivery devices. The Company currently is expanding applications of its core technology.

Strategic Solutions Management Consultants, Inc.www.strategicsolutionsmgmt.comProvides services to medical care delivery systems. Services include practice evaluation; ongoing contract management; certificate of need development; strategic planning; information system selection and implementation; network development; and quality assessment

United Hospice and United Home Care in Georgiawww.united-hospice.comUnited Hospice is the largest hospice provider in Georgia, serving over 480 home health care and hospice patients daily. Our mission is to develop a high quality hospice & home care delivery system.

UPMC University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USAwww.upmc.comUniversity of Pittsburgh Medical Center, which is affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences, is the leading integrated health care delivery system in western Pennsylvania. It meets comprehensive health care needs through UPMC hospitals the region''s largest and finest network of tertiary, specialty, and community hospitals and by offering a variety of health-related services and products.

IOMEDwww.iomed.comIOMED, Inc. is a leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing active drug delivery systems used primarily to treat acute local inflammation in the physical and occupational therapy and sports medicine markets. IOMED – First in iontophoresis!

DURECT: Analyst Luncheonwww.durect.comDURECT Corporation is pioneering the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical drug delivery systems for the treatment of chronic debilitating diseases and to enable biotechnology products.

Patient Monitoring - Anestar Anesthesia Delivery

Drug Delivery Technologies - TIMERx - Penwest Pharmaceutical Co.www.penw.comPenwest''s TIMERx oral controlled release delivery systems allow for the development of high quality, cost effective drugs.

Vacuum Delivery Systemswww.utahmed.comUtah Medical Products, Inc. Vacuum Assisted Obstetric delivery systems.

Prefilled syringes, dry drug reconstitution, nasal Pharmaceutical Systems – Becton, Dickinson and Company – offers prefillable parenteral drug delivery systems: prefilled syringes, nasal drug delivery devices, dry drug reconstitution and IV infusion systems, diluent syringes, safety needles, self-injection technology.

Technology4Healthcare (T4H) Mainwww.technology4healthcare.comTechnology4Healthcare is a national privately held solutions company. Winners of the 1998 Computerworld Smithsonian Award in Medicine. T4H deploys solutions for Electronic Patient Records as well as other healthcare delivery systems.

Nastech: Improving pharmaceutical drug products through...www.nastech.comNastech Pharmaceutical Company Inc. is an emerging pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative drug delivery technologies and products. The Company''s proprietary technologies focus on the delivery of small and large molecule drugs by nasal administration.

MCPartners Inc.mcpartners.netBy developing a consulting team of experts, MCPartners Inc. has redefined the term

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